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VOTE- September 15th

Early Voting  - August 26th -September 10th

I’m Josh Stites, and as a candidate to represent the people in the 13th district, I appreciate your interest.

There is no higher calling than to that of service.  The foundation of our country, and its continued strength, lies in the commitment of men and women to serve.  That commitment may take on many forms:  service in the military, teachers committed to the success of their students, police officers protecting our neighborhoods, or neighbors lending a hand when their community is in crisis. It is a desire to be of service to my community that inspires me to seek to represent the people of Metro Council District 13. 

Your participation in our government by casting your vote is another form of service.   Explore the pages of this website, and contact me if you have questions. Your vote on August 4th is important to our community, and I ask you to consider casting that vote for me. 

Josh on the Issues….

Building for Tomorrow

Strong Education Initiatives

Responsible Growth and Development

Fiscal Strength

No new taxes

Maintain balanced budgets

Community Strength

Well-equipped Police and Fire Departments

Improved Infrastructure

Save the Fairgrounds

Josh Stites    |     Metro Council     |     District 13

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Your Candidate for District 13

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Press Release:

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Save The Fairgrounds


Greater Nashville Association of Realtors  |  Nashville Business Coalition  |  The Sierra Club

Kent Sandidge (Former Candidate in District 13 election)



August 26th - September 10th

Howard School Office Building

700 Second Avenue South



September 15th


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Whitworth Baptist

3014 Elm Hill Pike

Glengarry School

200 Finley Drive

Glencliff Presbyterian Church

416 E. Thompson Lane

Vultee Firehall

1320 Vultee Blvd.

Thank you for voting in the recent election. We were fortunate to have received more votes than any other candidate in the District 13 election; however, we were just short of a majority. Therefore, we are in a run-off election! The next election day is set for September 15th. Early voting will be August 26th-September 10th (polling location to be announced soon).  Please join me one more time in going to the polls. If you supported us this last election, thank you. If you supported one of the other candidates, I will work hard to earn your vote over the next 6 weeks.               -Josh

From Josh: